The Spirited Daughter-in-law and the Mountain Man-Chapter 233: Debt collectors came 1

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Chapter 233: 233 Debt collectors came 1

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“Speak softly.” Xiao Yishan glared at him.

It was only then that Xiao Yuchuan realized his wife was still sleeping and lowered his voice, “Second brother, who helped you treat the snakebite? And your fall injury… medicine has been applied. It must have cost quite a bit. We only have two hundred copper coins at home, definitely not enough to afford the medicine…”

“Wife knows medicine, it’s possible that she treated the injuries.”

“But we don’t have any medicine at home…”

The two brothers did not know that Su Qingyue went to collect medicine yesterday after they left home in the morning.

Xiao Yishan was silent for a while, “It’s possible that Doctor Sun gave us more credit… We owe him even more money now.”

“It’s alright, second brother, we will find a way to repay him once we’re well.”

It was then that Yishan noticed his third brother’s pale face, “Third brother, is your old illness bothering you again?”

Xiao Yuchuan forced a bitter smile, “I’m sorry, second brother, my body is holding me back. Yesterday, when you fell from the mountain top, it was Fuquan and Li Gui who saw you and carried you back. I had just returned home and was about to fetch the doctor for you, but I fainted before even leaving. I have no idea what happened afterwards.”

“Fuquan must have gone to find Doctor Sun for help.”

“We can ask wife and Fuquan about it later.” Xiao Yuchuan’s stomach growled with hunger, “Second brother, I’m so hungry. I haven’t eaten since breakfast yesterday, and my stomach is completely empty. Aren’t you hungry?”

“I’m fine.”

“You must have eaten yesterday’s breakfast too, how could you not be hungry?”

“Maybe it’s because of the medicine I took last night.”

“Right, you’ve been bitten by a snake, Doctor Sun must have given you medicine. Second brother, how are you feeling now?”

“My whole body is stiff and immobile.” Xiao Yishan furrowed his brows, “And my left leg is broken.”

“It will be alright.”

“You’ll have to bear with hunger for a while longer.” Xiao Yishan said, ‘We’ll ask wife to cook something for you when she wakes up.”


The two of them spoke so quietly that it was almost like they were just breathing. Su Qingyue had undergone professional training as a killer in her previous world, so her alertness was naturally much higher than ordinary people. However, she was so exhausted that she didn’t carefully listen in the few hours she slept, only becoming aware that someone was talking without paying attention to the content of the conversation.

“Is the Xiao Family’s second son dead yet? Is Su Qingyue still there?” A loud yell from an old granny resounded outside the courtyard.

Footsteps followed, noisy and coming towards the courtyard.

Xiao Qinghe’s cold voice came from the secondary bedroom, “Granny Sun, what you’re saying is too unpleasant to hear.”

Granny Sun’s voice was filled with anger, “So what if I say something unpleasant? What right does a disabled person like you have to blame me? Your second brother was bitten by a snake yesterday, and my old man didn’t treat him. Maybe your second brother is already dead. Xiao Yishan is the only one in the Xiao family who can hunt and earn some taels. Your third brother is just a sickly waste. With the situation in the Xiao family, wouldn’t that woman Su Qingyue take the opportunity to run away in the night?”

“Nonsense!” Xiao Qinghe’s face darkened as he scolded.

An enraged voice came from inside the room, “My wife didn’t run away. My second brother is fine. Granny Sun, stop talking nonsense first thing in the morning!”

“Oh, the sickly ghost is awake? I’m too lazy to care about your Xiao family’s matters..” Granny Sun walked to the master bedroom door and knocked hard, “Open the door! You must pay back all the debts you owe to the Xiao family

today, every single cent!”

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