The Spirited Daughter-in-law and the Mountain Man-Chapter 234: Collecting debt 2

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Chapter 234: 234 Collecting debt 2

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Xiao Yishan and Xiao Yuchuan in the room exchanged glances, their expressions filling with worry.

Not to mention the six taels of silver they owed Doctor Sun for treating his wife’s illness, of which just over one tael had been repaid, they still owed nearly five taels. They had no money to pay back these five taels.

If last night’s treatment was also done by Doctor Sun, then their debt would be even larger…

With all the noise outside, Su Qingyue couldn’t continue sleeping even if she wanted to. She got up, opened the door and saw an old granny standing outside with an aggressive attitude, and several villagers watching the excitement behind her.

She had seen this old granny once before, called Granny Sun, the money-hungry wife of Doctor Sun in the village.

“The door did open quickly.” Granny Sun glanced into the room and saw that Xiao Yishan’s eyes were open, “The Xiao family’s second son really didn’t die.” Her initially fierce momentum weakened a bit.

Considering the Xiao family’s second son’s big figure and strength, a single punch from him would be too much for her old bones to bear.

Seeing Xiao family’s second son with a snake venom-induced greenish complexion and a body full of injuries, especially the broken leg that might make him limp later;

She was no longer afraid.

Seeing the two men on the bed who were not wearing clothes, Granny Sun,

along with the women behind her, embarrassedly backed away.

“Su Qingyue sleeping on the same bed with two men, shameless…” Liu Xiaohong, who came to watch the excitement, sneered. Then she thought about the figures of the two men on the bed…

Xiao Yishan seemed particularly strong and well-defined, while Xiao Yuchuan also looked quite lean and fit…

Her face turned red again.

The other young women also showed reactions of wanting to look but not daring.

On the contrary, several men who came along thought it was normal for Chuan and Dashan to be wearing only underpants without clothing on top.

Qingyue’s cold gaze glanced at her, “Watch your mouth! My second brother and third brother are both injured. Your thoughts shouldn’t be so dirty!”

Aunt Zhang, a woman known for her fairness, also chimed in, “Indeed, it’s already good that Dashan and Chuan managed to survive. How can you, an un-married girl, talk nonsense? Besides, don’t you see that the Xiao family has only two bedrooms?”

Liu Xiaohong’s face turned red and she dared not speak back. She couldn’t argue with the old women in the village.

“Enough, don’t go off on tangents!” Granny Sun had her mind focused on her money, and she spoke without care, “I’m here to collect the debt, I’m not interested in where the Xiao family members sleep! I heard my old man say that you still owe him six taels of silver for treating Su Qingyue’s illness. Pay

The expression of Xiao Yuchuan and Xiao Yishan inside the room was not good. At this moment, the Xiao family’s savings were only two hundred copper coins…

Fortunately, according to Granny Sun’s words, no new debt was owed to Doctor Sun. In other words, the injuries last night were not treated by Doctor Sun.

Xiao Yuchuan said, “Didn’t my second brother already repay one tael of silver and ten copper coins?” His voice lacked confidence, as they were in debt and had no money to repay.

“The silver you paid back will be deducted, of course,” Granny Sun’s voice was sharp and filled with anger. “You still owe four taels of silver and 790 copper coins. Hurry up and give me the money!”

Xiao Qinghe in the secondary bedroom was silent. He also knew there was no money in the house.

Xiao Yishan reluctantly said, “Granny Sun, can you give us some time…”

Before he could finish, he was interrupted by Granny Sun, “More time? My husband has already allowed you to delay for so many days! It’s like I’m being unreasonable.. Always allowing extensions, do you think my family is running a charitable hall? You must pay today!”

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