To achieve immortality, I cultivate using Qi Luck-Chapter 278: 171 Taiping Dao Book_2

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Chapter 278: 171 Taiping Dao Book_2

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Therefore, before they completely declined, these Dao Veins began to save themselves one after another.

But their method of self-preservation…

‘The Taiping Dao rebellion was actually supported by the Dan Ding Dao. The reason has to do with the Last Dharma Cultivation Immortal Method?

But the rebellion failed.

The other party’s experiment failed, and they’re looking for a new test subject. So they’re targeting me?’ Lu Yuan secretly felt horrified in his heart, believing that he had encountered a major problem.

Subconsciously, he wanted to cut off this topic and send the person away.

He couldn’t continue discussing this.

But before Lu Yuan could speak, Anqiu seemed to have seen through his thoughts and smiled: “Fellow Daoist, rest assured, Poor Daoist won’t force you to agree to participate in this experiment. Even if you refuse, I can still give you the Immortal Technique for free.

This Inescapable Meeting is a place for fellow daoists to exchange Dao Law with each other.

I came this time without any ill intentions, just wanting to make friends with Fellow Daoist.

As for the gift of the Immortal Technique, consider it a Gift.”

As he spoke, Anqiu unexpectedly took out a package from his bosom, and after opening it, handed over a book: “This is the Immortal Technique I mentioned, called the Taiping Dao Book.

This Dao Law is what I painstakingly obtained from the remains of an ancient

Dao vein.

Because it is too old, some parts are missing and incomplete.

Now many of the contents are slowly filled in by my Dao seniors.

Nevertheless, the book still contains a path that can directly point to five perfect qi, allowing for Ascension. I will give it to Fellow Daoist today.”

Taiping Dao Book? Five perfect qi?

Upon hearing what Anqiu said, Lu Yuan’s heart was slightly moved, but he did not reach out to accept it. Instead, he said solemnly, “Anqiu True Person, may I ask what exactly is the experiment you mentioned earlier?

Is there any major hidden danger in cultivating this book?”

Anqiu smiled faintly and did not conceal anything, openly saying, “Cultivating this book indeed has hidden dangers. As the name Taiping Dao Book suggests, it cultivates the method of world peace.

As Fellow Daoist now understands, we cultivators need to absorb the celestial spirit qi, draw in the essence of the sun and the moon.

However, with the decline of celestial spirit qi and the gradual difficulty in initiating the essence of the sun and the moon, cultivation is becoming increasingly difficult. To practice, you must rank among the top ten Blessed

Lands and Cavern Heavens.

However, this is not the only way to cultivate.

In ancient times, during the era of the Three Emperors, they collected gold from the world and refined three Heavenly Pillars.

This Heavenly Pillar anchors the thoughts and qi luck of the world’s people. Connecting with the celestial stars, sun, and moon, it is a bridge between Heaven and Earth.

By using this Heavenly Pillar, our generation of cultivators can directly connect with the essence of the sun and the moon, without relying on the Blessed Lands and Cavern Heavens, to cultivate Immortal Techniques.

To take advantage of this Heavenly Pillar, one must collect the thoughts of the people and bring together the qi luck of the dynasty. Only then can it be placed in the Heavenly Pillar to replace the Immortal Spirit qi, leverage the essence of the celestial stars, sun, and moon, and become part of oneself.

The Taiping Dao Book is a Dao method that gathers the wills of the people and the qi luck of the world to help oneself cultivate.

It is precisely because of this feature that my Dan Ding Dao chose this method as a backup plan to maintain the Dao inheritance after the decline of the

Cavern Heavens.”

Anqiu was too candid.

So candid that he laid out the secrets of his sect.

However, the more Lu Yuan listened, the more anxious he became.

It was this open and aboveboard conspiracy that left him defenseless.

Do you hear what the other party is saying?

Ancient Three Emperors, Heavenly Pillars, bearing the minds of the people, gathering the qi luck of dynasties, connecting with celestial stars, and assimilating the essence of the sun and the moon…

Each of these, just from their names alone seemed extraordinary.

As a mere mortal, how could he get involved with these things and expect a good outcome?

Furthermore, the Dan Ding Dao had such a great thing, but instead of cultivating it themselves, they were distributing it like cabbage. Clearly, there was a problem with it.

“True Person Anqiu, it is a blessing for your sect to have this Immortal Method to continue cultivating during the decline of Cavern Heavens. However, I, Lu Yuan, am currently focused on martial arts and have little interest in cultivation. Fellow Daoist, please take this book back.”

At this point, Lu Yuan wanted to withdraw, not even wanting to participate in the later part of the gathering.

He felt that if he continued to stay here, troubles would come one after another.

However, Anqiu held onto Lu Yuan like a leech, refusing to let him go: “Fellow Daoist, there’s no need to be in a hurry to decline. As I said, I’m giving this book to you without any conditions.

If Fellow Daoist is willing to cultivate, then cultivate. If not, then so be it, why be so afraid?

Wait until I finish explaining the drawbacks of this method, then making a decision won’t be too late.”

With the other party saying so much, Lu Yuan had no choice but to nod and say, “True Person, please continue.”

Anqiu nodded and said, “Although the Taiping Dao Book can cultivate Immortal Techniques without relying on celestial spirit qi, this is not without a price.

Heaven and Earth have constancy, and there is a fixed number.

We cultivators, in our pursuit of the Dao and immortality, are inherently defying the natural order.

Such defiance of the heavenly path will naturally bring retribution.

In the dark. tribulations will come down.

Normally, the tribulations faced while practicing Immortal Techniques are Wind Tribulation, Fire Tribulation, Thunder Tribulation, and Heart Demon


Although these tribulations are terrifying, they are not without countermeasures.

However, after cultivating the Taiping Immortal Method, the tribulation that falls is the Life Tribulation.

The Taiping Dao Book can gather the hearts of all people in the world, and this act is undoubtedly majestic as it gathers the world’s qi luck for oneself. However, at the same time, you are equivalent to bearing the tribulation of fate for the countless people in the world.

Therefore, cultivating this Immortal Method not only allows you to take advantage of the power of all the people in the world, but you also have to bear the tribulation of all the people in the world..

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