The Unique Guardian Beast Master in Cultivation World-Chapter 266 - 185: Questioning Lord of Water

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Chapter 266: Chapter 185: Questioning Lord of Water

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The silence of the river dike didn’t last long. Along with the widest part of Wave River, a water curtain that seemed to connect heaven and earth burst open. A mythical beast with a dragon head, horse body, red scales, and winged skeleton leapt out, stepping on the enraged river, rushing towards Feng Qing’an’s location.

However, at this moment, the Wave River, because of the anger of a certain presence, erupted completely. Even standing on the shore, the sight of the soaring giant waves and the turbulent currents rolling with foam was shocking.

Being in the middle of it, despite breaking through one curtain of water after another and shattering one torrent around her body after another, the auspicious beast became increasingly powerless, because every drop of water in this area was targeting her, wanting to suppress her and drag her under the water.


At this time, a clear dragon chant that shook the heavens and earth rang out. A golden dragon shadow rose from Feng Qing’an’s body, transformed into a

towering existence like a descending god, the splendid big halberd in his hand slashed down.

The azure edge fell, the glory that seemed to separate heaven and earth exploded. In an instant, all the obstructions between the beast and the dike were split open, forming a clear passage.

The auspicious beast, which seemed to sink in the flood and be swept into the riverbed, seized this opportunity and crossed the dike in an instant, standing next to Feng Qing’an, and then transformed into the familiar figure of Wuyun Tiaxue.

Witnessing such a transformation from Sen Miao brought great shock to the ghosts and gods nearby.

The warriors, who had always followed Feng Qing’an, were also surprised, but what shocked them even more was the golden figure standing in front of Feng Qing’an and the splendid big halberd in its hand.

Only at this moment, did they really recognize that the Dragon Armor had always been merciful to them. If it was willing to, their level of warriors would be obliterated with a single strike and would have no qualification to fight against it.

“So this is the true power of the Dragon Armor!”

All the warriors were shocked. Even the housekeeper Zhao, who had lived for more than two hundred years, was no exception. He was sincerely in awe of this power that could suppress a hundred miles of river flow with just one strike.

“Come back, don’t strain yourself anymore!”

Looking at the Dragon Armor, which seemed to be in endless glory at this moment, Feng Qing’an stretched out his hand and summoned it back. As its master, he knew better than anyone the details of the Dragon Armor.

Its combat power rating is still at the commander level, not even reaching the Lord level, but it has launched a strike that can threaten the Monarch. This is naturally the merit of the Divine Weapon Thunder Sea.

But even with such divine power, its rating is not at the Monarch level, because the spiritual power it possesses is, according to strict classification, at the commander level. After this strike, which could threaten the Monarch, it could not deliver a second one. The spiritual power of the Dragon Armor had already been exhausted.

The combat level is measured by the ability to continuously and stably exert combat power in a normal state, not the destructive power that temporarily exceeds the level of strength due to the use of a divine weapon or special secret techniques. Because it can’t last long, the evaluated level is very likely the actual level.


Hearing Feng Qing’an’s call, the Dragon Armor, which seemed to have no change on the outside but was actually hollowed out inside, turned into a slender flood dragon. Under the watchful eyes of everyone, it crawled back into his sleeve.

It was at this moment that the already surging river began to rise, transforming into a dense rain cloud. The thick rain cloud spread at an unnaturally fast speed, and large drops of rain pounded down.

The rainstorm was pouring, as if the heavenly river had poured down, making the already dangerous river even more fierce. In the increasingly muddy river, a red glow like fire manifested in the water, tracing out a hundred-foot-long dragon shadow wriggling in the river.

When this dragon shadow materialized in the violent rainstorm, a heavy dragon power spread, Feng Qing’an could clearly feel that the momentum of the ghosts and gods who came to watch was suppressed in an instant.

Feng Qing’an didn’t care about those ghosts and gods. After all, they were just a crowd, not to mention they couldn’t contribute much strength. They would only witness everything that was about to happen.

The young man stood in the rainstorm, untouched by the water. He looked at the red dragon shadow in the dark night, becoming more and more conspicuous in the surging river, and couldn’t help but laugh.

“There isn’t even a single mortal here, what’s the use of this rainstorm? Who is the River Water Monarch trying to intimidate? Retract your power, save some energy!”

As Feng Qing’an’s calm voice dropped, the violent rainstorm gradually calmed down. Although the rain was still heavy, it didn’t affect Feng Qing’an.

As for those warriors, they didn’t care. They were watching the hundred-foot-long dragon shadow in the river with excitement and fervor, this was their first time seeing such an existence.

The river water surged. A red dragon head the size of a small mountain peeked out from the water, with red horns, bright scales, fluttering whiskers, and the dragon’s mane rippling with the current.

The dragon head of the Water Monarch, Hongxi of the Bailang River, looked nearly identical, only differing in size and detail. Underneath the dragon head was a different story.

Hongxi had the body of a fish and the head of a dragon, while the Water Monarch of the Wave River before them was the body of a Jiao Snake. The winding snake body made it look very similar to a real dragon, but Feng Qing’an could see clearly..

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