The Supreme Martial King Shocking All Realms-Chapter 286: 283: Who Should Be the First Place?

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Chapter 286: 283: Who Should Be the First Place?


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The most moved was undoubtedly the Zhou Family.

Zhou Haoran almost wanted to cry. He just wanted his girl to enter the knockout competition. Even if she didn’t make it to the knockout, as long as she didn’t encounter any problems or injuries, everything would be fine. But now? Yang Chen had given half of his Secret Realm Jade to Zhou Yunxi.

Over three hundred pieces of Secret Realm Jade, it was hard to imagine what kind of place Zhou Yunxi could achieve.

Indeed, Yang Chen had given half of his Secret Realm Jade to Zhou Yunxi.

He wasn’t really interested in the Purple Gold Pavilion, so as long as he had enough Secret Realm Jade, it would suffice. Therefore, he didn’t think too much about it, giving half of what he got to Zhou Yunxi, splitting it equally between the two of them.

The time for recording the number of Secret Realm Jades didn’t last long, as most geniuses were eliminated, and they naturally left in disappointment when they realized they didn’t have enough. The number of geniuses who managed to gather enough Secret Realm Jades and successfully enter the knockout competition was very small, with only four to five hundred people left out of more than ten thousand geniuses.

The remaining four to five hundred people handed in their Secret Realm Jade, and the North Mountain Main City was currently discussing the matter, sorting out the results based on the number of the Secret Realm Jade collected.

In about the time it took to finish a cup of tea, Steward Feng said loudly, “Now I will announce the top ten in the number of Secret Realm Jades acquired!”

“First place, Lu Yihan, with 547 pieces!”

“It’s Lu Yihan, a genius personally nurtured by North Mountain Main City!”

“North Mountain Main City is truly the hegemon of North Mountain County. Lu Yihan, the genius they personally cultivated, is said to have reached the peak of

Martial Arts Cultivation, which is hard to estimate.”

“As expected, North Mountain Main City has a deep foundation. The geniuses cultivated by them are indeed superior, collecting more than 500 pieces, it’s just unbelievable!”

Listening to the discussion, Yang Chen was very curious about Lu Yihan, not about his number of Secret Realm Jades, but about the fact that Lu Yihan was a genius personally cultivated by North Mountain Main City. This meant that Lu Yihan must have an astonishing talent.

“Second place, Shao Changkong, with 521 pieces of Secret Realm Jade!” “Shao Changkong is the direct disciple of the Sect Leader of Canghai Sect!”

“It seems the Three Hegemons are still powerful. The geniuses they cultivate are indeed not comparable to the Six Sects. My father once said that it was the same in the previous competition. The geniuses cultivated by the Three Hegemons always took the lead, and it was too difficult for ordinary geniuses to surpass the martial arts geniuses.”

Hearing this, Yang Chen narrowed his eyes.

Shao Changkong, He Shangfeng’s direct disciple?

It seemed that he had to pay more attention to this person.

“Third place, Yuan Shaoyang, 490 pieces!”

When these words fell, there was a commotion in the whole scene.

“Wasn’t Yuan Shaoyang a direct disciple of Ziyang Sect?”

Unexpectedly, the third place was not a direct disciple of Yuanshan Sect?

“It’s strange in this competition, is the third place not a disciple of Yuanshan Sect?”

Seeing this result, the people of Yuanshan Sect were all disheartened.

In contrast, Ziyang Sect was much happier, with the whole sect celebrating, especially Yan Ziming, who touched his chin. Although he verbally told the congratulators to concede, the joy in his eyes was so obvious that he couldn’t hide it even if he wanted to.

As one of the Six Sects’ forces, who wouldn’t want to surDass the Three


Next, the fourth place was, unsurprisingly, the genius of Yuanshan Sect.

For Yuanshan Sect, this was already a difficult result to accept.

Because Yuanshan Sect was one of the Three Hegemons, yet they were now surpassed by Ziyang Sect, falling to fourth place in the Secret Realm Jade collection. Although this didn’t necessarily mean that Yuanshan Sect was weaker than Ziyang Sect, it was true that Yuanshan Sect was being overshadowed by them.

As a member of the Three Hegemons, they couldn’t accept being suppressed by others.

Following that, the fifth and sixth places were gradually determined, which were the direct disciples of Ming Emperor Sect and Taotu Sect, respectively.

“I wonder who will be the seventh…”

As everyone was pondering, Steward Feng frowned, seeming a little troubled. Then he said, “Yang Chen, Zhou Yunxi, tied for seventh place, each having 321 pieces of Secret Realm Jade!” “What? Tied for seventh place!”

“How could that be possible?”

“Both of them actually got the same number of Secret Realm Jades, if they both got three to five pieces, that’s one thing, but to enter the top ten, the number of Secret Realm Jades is actually very difficult to equal.” In fact, Steward Feng was the most troubled.

Because ranking was difficult.

There was no such case before, who would have split the Secret Realm Jade they got with someone else, like Yang Chen?

As a result, the eighth, ninth, and tenth places were also determined.

Steward Feng, with his hands behind his back, announced the end of the list: “Our promise from North Mountain Main City remains unchanged. Whoever gets into the top ten will have the opportunity to enter the Purple Gold Pavilion of our North Mountain Main City for consultation. Since there are eleven people in the top ten this time, the eleven people we just named will enter the Purple Gold Pavilion. Three days later, someone from North Mountain Main City will invite you. At that time, the first place winner will have the chance to learn three Cultivation Methods, while the second and third place will have the chance to learn two. The rest will only be able to learn one Cultivation Method!”

Hearing this, Zhou Yunxi was suddenly overjoyed: “That’s great, Yang Chen, I really have to thank you this time. By the way, Yang Chen, you seem like you don’t care about the Purple Gold Pavilion; it contains the most orthodox techniques, passed down from the Royal Family!”

“…” Yang Chen rolled his eyes: “Listen slowly, Steward Feng hasn’t finished speaking yet.”

Steward Feng said loudly, “Alright, those who have handed in more than three pieces of Secret Realm Jade, good luck in the selection competition. The knockout competition will begin ten days later. Remember to be there on time!”

As soon as his voice fell, Steward Feng’s figure flickered, and he disappeared like a bubble with a pop.

In an instant, the various sects were all discussing the situation, beginning to talk about the top few people who obtained the Secret Realm Jade this time.

But for the various sects, the person they discussed the most was undoubtedly the biggest dark horse this time, Yang Chen!

Others might not know it, but they, who sat in the viewing platform and watched every move in the secret realm, had the clearest understanding of who should be the first place in the Secret Realm Jade collecting round.

The first place should be Yang Chen.

Because of the half Yang Chen had given to Zhou Yunxi.

How much do two of 321 make?

Six hundred and forty-two Secret Realm Jades had been split five to five, nurturmg anotner top ten contenaer. It weren’t ror yang cnen giving Lnou Yunxi such a quantity, as long as Yang Chen was a little stingier, the first place in the Secret Realm Jade collection would have been his.

A genius from nowhere suppressed the one cultivated by North Mountain Main

City, this..

It was almost unimaginable!

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