The Sims: I Open the Immortal Path for All Beings-Chapter 281: 218: Death by Drowning – First Update

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Chapter 281: 218: Death by Drowning – First Update

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Early spring in March, where grass thrives, and orioles flit. The best time of the year.

However, in this splendid season, the entire territory of the Great Ming Empire doesn’t exhibit any hint of early spring, and instead, there’s an overbearing atmosphere.

All because of one thing. That is, half a month ago, the imperial court finally released the news: The emperor passed away in his palace.

The news shook the world when it was released.

The death of the emperor results in rivers of blood and tens of thousands of corpses. The world mourns.

No matter how many people think the emperor absurd and incompetent, without a doubt, he is the lord of this vast Great Ming Empire, the ruler of the countless miles of its dominion, the sovereign of billions of subjects.

Therefore, even during the season of growth and regeneration, the world grieves. The people in the various states, counties, and cities all wear solemn faces, daring not to raise their voices or laugh, to avoid troubles.

The recent turmoil in Tiandu is known to all.

Regarding this Dragon-slaying Plan, although it was kept a secret except to those with insider information like Bai Xiaosheng before its implementation, no information leaked out.

But after the disorder in Tiandu, even though major factions like the Mire Sect were heavily attacked by the imperial court, Zhao Baiyang has surprisingly circulated this plan throughout the world.”

Aside from promoting the power of his Mire Sect, it’s also to win people’s hearts.

However, even though the Mire Sect and other forces have been ardently declaring they killed the emperor, as long as the Great Ming imperial court denies it, no one dared to raise any objections.

But now, when the Great Ming imperial court confirms this news, it strikes many people with unimaginable surprise, they are almost speechless.

Who would have thought, the Mire Sect actually did it!

The emperor of the Great Ming Empire was killed.

This incident undeniably challenges the authority of the Great Ming Empire, making some people realize, the current Great Ming Empire is not the empire that once suppressed the world.

Especially now, the Mire Sect and others have not been captured and killed by the Great Ming imperial court.

It can be said that, the royal authority is virtually gone.

The only powerful figure who died in the Tiandu rebellion was the Ghost Emperor of Fengdu, who was killed by Pei Xuanjing, a powerful individual with a grievance against the Great Ming imperial court.

Of course, according to the explanation given by the Great Ming imperial court, the emperor was not assassinated by the Mire Sect.

During the turmoil in Tiandu, the emperor only suffered minor injuries and was not seriously hurt.

The real cause of his death, was that he accidentally fell into the river during a boat trip, caught a cold, which triggered his previous illness, and then, he passed away.

Death by drowning!

The reason was met with great disdain by almost everyone.

Not to mention that the emperor himself was a third-grade martial artist, how could he possibly fall into the water so easily?

Even if we consider that he accidentally fell into the water, but how could a third-grade martial artist die from a previous disease triggered by this incident?

This is simply fooling people!

No one believes this explanation.

Almost everyone is convinced that the emperor was a casualty of the Tiandu disorder.

The news of the emperor’s demise stirred the attention of many.

Regardless of how much doubt and conjecture this news has, no one dares to question the cause of the emperor’s death given by the Great Ming imperial court. It can only be circulated in private.

What’s more bizarre is that, even after the emperor’s death, the selection of the heir, which should have been announced to reassure people, has not been announced yet.

As the emperor didn’t leave an heir, they should have moved quickly to settle on a new emperor to avoid further upheaval.

But even after the news of the emperor’s death has been around for more than half a month, the choice of a new emperor has not yet been announced.

The various forces in the Jianghu, at this crucial moment, are uncharacteristically low-key. Even several major forces have postponed the marriage of their disciples.



Yu Zhenzi and Pang Hong came forward to greet Pei Xuanjing as he emerged from his seclusion.

Pang Hong might be too weak to notice, but when Yu Zhenzi saw Pei Xuanjing again, he couldn’t help but contract his pupils, forming a thought in his mind.

He has become stronger again!

Yu Zhenzi could clearly feel that there was a near-revolutionary change in Pei Xuanjing’s temperament.

If previously, after defeating numerous opponents and fighting the old

Celestial Master, and then killing the Ghost Emperor of Fengdu and the Seven Kills Sword Master, Pei Xuanjing seemed to have a condescending air of domination, appearing like an extremely sharp divine sword.

The current Pei Xuanjing, however, appears as if all his sharpness has been retracted, giving an impression of returning to simplicity.

Yu Zhenzi was shocked beyond words. Just a few months have passed, and Pei Xuanjing has made impressive progress in his cultivation.

Pei Xuanjing allowed the two to sit, listening to Yu Zhenzi and Pang Hong narrate the recent events.

During the time Pei Xuanjing was in seclusion, both the Chunyang Sect and Baiyun Temple have sent important figures to Dragon Tiger Mountain in a low-key manner.

This time, even Bai Xiaosheng didn’t deliberately avoid arousing suspicion and proactively sent a trusted aide as his representative.

Dragon Tiger, Zhenwu, God Xiao, Baiyun, Chunyang, and Bai Xiaosheng, any of these six factions could cause storms in the world. These powerful forces furtively started a secret talk on Dragon Tiger Mountain.

At first, when people from the Chunyang Sect and Baiyun Temple heard the plans of these four parties, they were also shocked.

After listening to the detailed explanations of the four parties, they could not help being tempted by the huge benefits contained therein.

After all, given the current situation, whether or not they join, these four parties will not stop with their plans.

However, refusing could mean being excluded from the alliance. If these four parties fail in the future, that’s fine. But if they succeed, their regret would come too late.

Moreover, given the current state of the various forces in the world, if they indeed need to seek allies before the major changes befall Heaven and Earth, without a doubt, these four parties are the most suitable allies.

Therefore, after wavering for a few days, these two parties finally agreed to the plan. The six parties formally formed an alliance.

Normally, according to the scale of these six parties, any two factions forming an alliance would require considerable negotiation and discussion.

Never mind other things, deciding who is the leader amongst these parties could be a matter of endless argument.

However, right now, time is of the essence. They simply didn’t have much time to waste.

Therefore, in the end, the six parties followed the proposal left by Pei Xuanjing. Temporarily, there will be no leader in the alliance. Each party respects each other. They will not interfere with each other’s internal affairs and each party will appoint a representative to contact the other parties to establish an offensive and defensive alliance.

Once the six parties established the alliance, next comes the specific discussion.

After all, what they plan to do next is momentous, and the benefits are enormous.

In order not to cause any dissatisfaction among any party due to uneven distribution of benefits after the fact, which could ultimately lead to conflicts and cause the alliance to fall apart, they need to agree on terms beforehand..

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