The Reincarnated Goddess is Fierce-Chapter 2333 - 2336-Side Story (3)

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Chapter 2333: Chapter 2336-Side Story (3)

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When the tall and beautiful woman with an outstanding aura appeared in front of everyone, everyone seemed to have been struck by lightning and stood rooted to the ground.

Qi Xibei?

Why was she here?

Didn’t she go missing?

Everyone was shocked, and Lu Tianqi was petrified.

“Let’s welcome-Chiseby!”

The host was still introducing Qi Xibei’s appearance at the top of his lungs. It was obvious that he was also a fan of Qi Xibei.

After alighting from the car, Qi Xibei smiled brightly and bowed politely.” Hello, everyone. I’m Qi Xibei.”

“Hello, hello!”

The others hurriedly returned the greeting.

Who didn’t know her?

Not only was she famous in the entertainment industry, but she was also the winner of the World Medical Award!

Such a character would be passed down through the ages!

They felt guilty standing next to such a person.

Qi Xibei looked around at everyone, his smile unchanged.

Only Lu Tianqi could not help but tremble, and his heart was in despair.

Hadn’t Qi Xibei already met with an accident?

It was because of this that Lu Tianqi started to suppress SY Company.

However, who would have thought that Qi Xibei, who everyone thought had passed away, would suddenly appear? Moreover, he was still in such good condition!

Qi Xibei had never appeared before. Even when she received the international medical award, someone else had received it on her behalf. Everyone was guessing that something must have happened to her. Otherwise, she would not have missed such an important occasion.

Although the representative had said that Qi Xibei was currently doing new research and had reached a critical moment, he could not leave.

However, such a reason was not completely acceptable to everyone. All kinds of guesses emerged.

But now, Qi Xibei had really come out!

“Alright, our guests are all here now. We can start recording now! “The host smiled.” Alright, let’s split into groups first.”

At the mention of grouping, everyone’s eyes immediately turned to Qi Xibei. Their eyes lit up, and they really wanted to be in the same group as her.

The episode that she participated in had left a very deep impression on everyone.

Of course, they had to hug such a thigh!

In the end, Qi Xibei was paired up with an idol of a girl group who had just debuted. She was about eighteen or nineteen years old and was still young.

After learning the results of the draw, the girl jumped up in excitement and looked at Qi Xibei with an excited expression. She looked like she wanted to say something but hesitated. It was obvious how much she liked Qi Xibei. She was excited for a while before she finally said, “Sister, Sister Bei, please take care of me!””

As she said that, she even bowed 90 degrees. When she got up, she almost fell.

Qi Xibei was amused by her actions, and she was stunned when she saw Qi Xibei’s smile.

So beautiful!

As expected, Sister Bei looked better in real life than on camera! She felt like she was overshadowed by her!

Next, she fully felt the beauty of being carried away.

The segment of ” Indomitable Will ” was particularly brutal. It tested everyone’s mental and physical strength, and it was bound to squeeze out everyone’s maximum energy.

However, this plan was completely shattered in front of Qi Xibei.

In front of Qi Xibei, these things were not difficult at all.

Other than the parts where they had to cooperate, the girls cheered on from the side.

By the time the recording ended, she had been completely captured by Qi Xibei and had become his most loyal fan.

The other guests could not help but smile bitterly as they watched Qi Xibei overcome the obstacles.

This was too bloody brutal!

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