Taking the Mafia to the Magic World-Chapter 727 End of the Hunt

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Chapter 727 End of the Hunt

?In the blink of an eye, the dark trident struck the Manticore, while Vicente's enormous hammer assaulted its wings viciously.

Although Vicente's strikes did not mortally wound the 6th-stage creature, they inflicted significant injuries, leaving the Manticore with broken bones and deep lacerations at the primary points of attack.

The Manticore let out a scream of agony, its body pierced for the first time in ages, as a trail of dark energy invaded its insides.

External forces should never breach the body of a magical creature, being the sanctuary of the soul. It was far easier to inflict serious damage on the soul once another's powers infiltrated its body.

Agitated, the Manticore moved, leaving a trail of thick, black blood that shocked Vicente's comrades. Despite the ferocity of the attack, the creature was robust enough to maneuver across the battlefield, launching a counterattack.

Vicente watched as the Manticore, its three stingers aimed at him, passed by closely. After such a brutal onslaught, the beast was severely weakened and would not last much longer. In a desperate bid, it aimed a lethal strike at him.

Vicente's heart raced as he expected the enemy's movements, reacting just in time. Foreseeing his imminent future through Lina's skill, his eyes narrowed, and he positioned himself to catch two of the three stingers.

The creature's eyes opened even wider with this move, as it aimed the third stinger at Vicente's heart, viciously going for the young magician's death.

However, just as it was about to hit his body, the stinger bumped into Vicente's cloak of darkness, before the werewolf appeared beside the two of them.

The moment it appeared next to them, the werewolf raised its claws and attacked viciously towards the creature's tails.

In a single instant, all three tails containing the creature's stinger were severed, causing the Manticore to scream even more desperately.

Vicente's companions seized the opportunity to attack, all of them using the strength of their armor to put pressure on the creature again, as its darkness finally weakened.

"You will become my second pentagram," Vicente said as the creature looked at him in terror.

Vicente's body was powerful. The fact that he had held it for a few moments had shocked the creature. But more importantly, now, feeling more and more the elemental suppression, the Manticore lamented its end there, before accepting its fate.

"The master of darkness has beaten me. This is not an unfair defeat. Use my pentagram to strike terror in the Polaris Realm, young magician," it said in a weak tone, without Vicente having to give it the final blow, just before its body collapsed lifelessly to the ground and a cyan essence emerged from it.

"How peculiar... It gave you its pentagram." The werewolf muttered as it turned away from Vicente and the Manticore.

A creature could give up its life and willingly give its pentagram to a magician. When this happened, the absorption process became much easier, sometimes even allowing a bonus for the magician's side.

Vicente didn't find this result strange. By making the Manticore look pitiful in front of him, he imposed his dominance, making it accept him as its superior, as indeed he was.

As the bearer of the Throne of Darkness, Vicente would rule over the creatures of darkness, who owed him obedience and should be grateful if they had the chance to be part of his powers!

He sat down and allowed the cyan essence to join his powers, for the first time in his journey so far, absorbing an essence in his second magical form!

The werewolf watched Vicente for just a few moments, before moving towards the area protected by the Manticore in search of the resource he so desperately needed to advance a stage.

The members of the group approached Vicente, each of them exhausted, but much better than they had been at the end of the fight against the Behemoth.

Vicente's dark powers really were very strong, but not only that, his armor had absorbed most of the problems, helping them to reach this point without serious injury.

"It's finally over," Sarah murmured as she looked at the Manticore's body, while Onyx and Torne appeared to remove the corpse from the area.

In only 10 minutes, this place would be filled with magical creatures in search of that corpse, but also the item hidden in the area. However, to the surprise of some of them, Vicente didn't even take 5 minutes to complete the absorption of his second pentagram!

At the end of the 5 minutes, his yellow pentagram from the Throne of Darkness had advanced to the green grade, while the pentagram from the Manticore had stabilized in the second position of that Magic Gem.

As the Manticore had given Vicente its pentagram without him having to deliver the final blow, he received an extra benefit, feeling his mana rise beyond what he had expected from absorbing the pentagram from that monster.

His mana advanced 40% to the level of a Low-level Paragon, putting him close to the middle of this level. His senses became sharper and even his magnetic powers increased.

As he already knew, his magical forms were connected, so the strengthening of one side would lead to the development of the other!

His first power from the Throne of Darkness developed, gaining him a new ability, Creatures of the Shadow Realm, while his new pentagram gave him a field ability, Poison Veil.

His new ability from the cyan pentagram could create an extremely poisonous gas, capable of killing those up to 100% stronger than him. Meanwhile, the development of his first ability could give rise to creatures of darkness, capable of fighting physically and mentally against his targets.

Vicente realized his two new powers, as he felt his mana reaching its peak state. His abilities quickly regenerated all his injuries and exhaustion, while he noticed creatures approaching where he was.

"Let's go. There's nothing more for us to do here," he said to his companions, as his fourth and fifth pentagrams appeared, with him stimulating his companions' recovery.

"What about the werewolf?" Rory asked, as he showed where that creature had gone.

"It's already consumed the resource it wanted. Its advance to the 6th stage should happen quickly. I doubt anyone will try to attack it as it is now. And that's no longer our problem," he said dryly, while he couldn't help smiling at the thought of his next target.

"Let's go to Nixlas' Shadows headquarters!"

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