Supreme Tamer-Chapter 264: 143: Choose from Three Punishments

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Chapter 264: 143: Choose from Three Punishments

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The faint purple lightning of the Chaos Thunder Crown Spirit shot from a distance, only to be effortlessly swallowed by this overwhelmingly powerful flame aura!

“Woo woo woo-

With a long cry, the fur, accompanied by the Double Crown Flame, fluttered wildly!

The blue sky fell silent, and abruptly a dazzling beam of Crown Flame slashed sharply, eerily emerging in the center of the sky. As the brilliance flickered, it plummeted straight down!!


The blaze raged, purgatory boiled, and abruptly a sky flame surged at the center of the Mountain Peak Battlefield, instantly incinerating a large portion of the battlefield!

An incredibly hot fire wave gathered in this devastated area, the next moment, a long fire dragon writhing with a daunting body, winding and rising brilliantly around this straight falling fire beam!!

Still at eighth -level power, under the terrifyingly transformed Sky Flame Gift fire dragon, from below upwards, it soared to the sky, shockingly striking the Seventh Rank MO Ye with an awe-inspiring momentum!

Being a dark attribute creature, MO Ye naturally harbored some fear for flames. The Sky Flame’s eighth-level power is enough to reduce the Seventh Rank MO Ye’s Ink Armor to ashes!!


Once again, the body of the Seventh Rank MO Ye was propelled upwards, the ink-black armor was ablaze!

“Roar——” The Seventh Rank MO Ye immediately let out a cry of unbearable pain, its body carrying the fierce flames, crashed heavily from the sky down to the ground!

The flame burning of the Sky Flame Gift was indeed brief, but it had already scorched Chu Yue’s MO Ye so severely that it lay panting at the bottom of a pit,

Its skin ana nesn cnarrea DlaCK – It was utterly devoid or comDat power!

Chu Yue looked at this scene in shock, forgetting to heal his severely injured soul pet. He could only watch helplessly as his proudly claimed War Beast MO Ye was screaming in pain, unable to muster the strength to stand up!

The Purple Senluo was Chu Yue’s main pet. It was already unbelievable for Chu

Yue when it was heavily hit, and yet before he had even accepted this fact, the War Beast MO Ye, known for its strong life force and defensive power, was also heavily damaged by a single skill!

Both soul pets were essentially defeated by a single opponent’s skill. The disparity in strength was too obvious, but the shock this disparity brought to people was huge!

With the Purple Senluo and War Beast MO Ye knocked down, how long could an unenhanced Chaos Thunder Crown Spirit last under MO Ye’s claws?

The exquisite silver body flickered and disappeared in an instant, vanishing from the battlefield. The next moment, MO Ye strangely appeared in front of the Chaos Thunder Crown Spirit, its magnificent Nine Tails swung arrogantly and lightly!

The power of the Nine Tails of the Nine-Tailed Crown Flame Fox is even more powerful than the Claw Blade. Coupled with the effect of Full-state Offensive Soul Equipment, this light sweep equates to the insane impact of nine giant pythons!


The Chaos Thunder Crown Spirit was swatted away before it even had time to scream, its body instantly flew out, from the Mountain Peak Battlefield all the way to the edge, barely stopping at the edge of the mountain!

The Chaos Thunder Crown Spirit was not seriously injured, but it was hit nearly a hundred meters away in a single blow, and it was easily approached. The result of such a battle can be guessed without having to continue!

After the Chaos Thunder Crown Spirit was blown away, Chu Yue was the only one left standing alone on the battlefield. He didn’t even use any Soul Skills throughout the process.

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to use the Soul Skills, but that he didn’t even have the opportunity to use them in this battle. All three of his soul pets were defeated instantly!

The phrase “vulnerable” has always been laced with Chu Yue’s contempt for his opponents. He never thought this ironic phrase would fall on him instead!

Both inside and outside the battlefield fell silent, with no words to describe this shocking scene.

“So… Chu Chen wins.” Elder Tu seemed stupefied for a while before suddenly realizing that the battle had ended, and announced the result of the battle with his aging voice.

With Elder Tu’s voice breaking the silence, the place where hundreds of Chu family disciples stood erupted into chaos!

Chu Yue’s strength was well-known among all the Chu family disciples. He was a leading young expert, and the only ones who could defeat him were the strongest in the region.

Being able to defeat a top expert with only single control as a triple controller, it only showed that Chu Mu’s strength had completely surpassed the category of top experts. It wouldn’t be long before the entire Great Chu Noble Family was shocked by this rising top young expert!

“You…who exactly are you? Impossible, you absolutely cannot be a nobody, and you can’t possibly be Chu Qian’s little brother!” Chu Yue’s face was already ashen. Hundreds of Chu family disciples witnessed his humiliating defeat, and Chu Yue didn’t know how he would find his footing in the Great Chu Noble Family in the future!

“Chu Yue, victory or defeat is common in warfare, there’s no need to be so extreme. Adjust your emotions,” Elder Tu slowly said.

“Elder, this guy is definitely an ill-intentioned scoundrel. He deliberately hid his strength and intruded into our Great Chu Noble Family with sinister intentions. We must not let him go easily!” Chu Yue pointed at Chu Mu and said with an ugly face.

Seeing Chu Yue losing his decorum, Chu Yang’s eyebrows immediately

furrowed. 7 million gold coins was indeed a hefty sum for the younger generation. Even Chu Yang himself didn’t have such an amount readily available. But as a person of status and position, even in defeat, one must maintain a calm and composed demeanor. Chu Yue’s extreme reaction was simply further damaging his own image.

“Chu Mu is the son of a close friend of mine. I recommended him to participate in the clan competition and represent me in the battle. Chu Yue, are you implying that I, an old man, have sinister intentions!” As expected, Elder Tu took a stand when Chu Yue tried to slander Chu Mu. He suddenly stood up from his seat, his sharp eyes firmly fixed on Chu Yue!

Elder Tu’s soul sense was tremendously powerful. His formidable aura abruptly surged towards Chu Yue like a giant wave, causing Chu Yue to take a few steps back and staggeringly fell to the ground with his face pale as a sheet!

Elder Tu’s furious words once again caused a great stir among the hundreds of Chu family disciples. No one expected that these two completely unfamiliar young men and women turned out to be the disciples of the elder.

At that moment, many more realized why such a young expert had suddenly emerged! But on the other hand, the two people that Elder Tu had brought along this time were indeed terrifyingly strong. Even when facing Chu Ke, the strongest of the Chu family, they still had the power to fight!

“Elder Tu, calm your anger, calm your anger.” Chu Yang immediately tried to appease the elder, and fiercely glared at Chu Yue, “Chu Yue, why don’t you roll over and apologize to Elder Tu immediately. Also, for any disrespect you’ve shown towards brother Chu Mu, apologize and seek forgiveness immediately!”

Chu Yang’s words left Chu Yue completely stunned. Apologize to Elder Tu, and apologize to someone named brother Chu Mu?

Hesitating, Chu Yang’s soul sense immediately put pressure on him, scaring Chu Yue into quickly getting up, running to kneel before the Elder to apologize.

“As for me, it’s unnecessary. I’ve seen all the grudges between you and Chu Mu, Chu Qian. As an old man, I’m sure to send you to the punishment hall for training. As for how you will be dealt with, it all depends on my mood.” Elder Tu snorted coldly, stood up and didn’t pay attention to Chu Yue’s kneeling. He walked directly towards Chu Mu’s location.

Chu Yue was taken aback. He never imagined things would take such a turn. It wasn’t until Chu Yang once again scolded him with Soul Sense, that he abruptly grasped that this Chu Chen wasn’t some common country bumpkin. His facial expression altering from one moment to another.

“You incorrigible wretch, you can’t learn anything good and all you do is prosaic mischief. Now, don’t stand there anymore, go and plead with the elder!” Chu Yang, of course, had guessed that the previously occurred Blood Permanence Fruit was a scheme by Chu Yue and Chu Jia. Now, with Elder Tu standing up for Chu Qian, there was nothing they could argue about.

Chu Yue was most concerned about his dignity, especially now when he had to go in front of everyone, beg a nobody who had come out of the blue for forgiveness, it was rather more painful than death for him.

However, the power of the Elders was far greater than that of his teachers. If he didn’t excuse himself, it would be difficult for him, Chu Yue, to stand in the Great Chu Noble Family.

Disciples of major clans, apart from relying on their own effort and talent to stand out from other competitors, also needed to gain more resources than other disciples from teachers and elders. If he lost this, Chu Yue, no matter how talented he was, could not reach the current level.

Realizing that the Punishment Hall wasn’t a pleasant place, Chu Yue became afraid. He scuttled over behind Elder Tu panic-stricken, pleading for the Elder’s mercy.

“The Great Chu Noble Family’s Punishment Hall has four types of penalties. The first and lightest one, deprives of a year’s resource reward, and forbids participation in any contest. The second, fairly intense, deprives of three years of resource rewards, and closes for three months. The third is more severe, recalling the Soul Pet given by the clan, and no longer enjoys any resource rewards from the clan. The fourth one, recalling all Soul Pets directly and expelling out of the clan. Except the fourth kind, you may choose any one.” Elder Tu said to Chu Mil.

Elder Tu was in charge of the Punishment Hall, all offending disciples were dealt with by him, and it was useless even if the Family Head interceded.

Upon hearing, Chu Yue completely stiffened. Clan disputes are usually settled privately, once it escalated to the Punishment Hall, chances of reparation were almost impossible. Chu Yue never thought that his penalty would be any one of the first three punishments. The competition among the young Soul Pet Masters was incredible fierce. A year could change everything, and any one of them would have a huge impact on his future!

“Elder, Elder… Chu Yue was confused for a moment. At the time of the Blood Permanence Fruit, because of the one-sided word of the family’s disciples, he believed it, defamed Chu Qian, it was definitely not Chu Yue’s intention, oh. Chu Chen, Brother Chu Chen, I didn’t know Brother Chu Chen was practicing abroad, yet I was arrogant and challenged his dignity, I really deserve to die, I really deserve to die. Brother, Brother Chu Chen, please forgive my ignorance, I bow before you.”

At this point, Chu Yue no longer cared about his dignity. Any punishment from the Punishment Hall could directly eliminate him from the ranks of top masters, which he could not afford to bear hence shown such a completely shameless appearance while saluting Chu Mu.

Watching this scene, Chu Qian and Chu Chan were completely stunned. How would they expect the distinguished master, Chu Yue would show such a lowly appearance, completely different from his earlier dashing and confident image?

In contrast, Chu Mu, who was indifferent through out the process, had brought infinite shocks and strong inner impacts to everyone. However, he had been calm and composed throughout, showing some mysterious qualities from his composure …

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