Subscriber of the Gods-Chapter 115: Department Representative Decision Battle (1)

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Chapter 115: Department Representative Decision Battle (1)

“A proposal…?”

Ethan was in no hurry.

“Don’t you want to take my class?”

“Ah, yes, that’s right.”

After seeing that brüle, Roanna was convinced.

She absolutely had to take Teacher Ethan’s class.

A longing to learn more from him bubbled up.

More than anything, for some reason she wanted recognition from him.

“I’m planning to continue teaching Potion Manufacturing next semester. I’m still planning to explain about this brüle. Even now, few Magic Department students make good use of this brüle or think its usage is particularly important.”

Ethan continued his explanation.

“But that will change. This brüle will become a very basic, elementary, and effective magic that anyone should use.”

Roanna nodded at Ethan’s words.

Ethan was right.

Once you understood this brüle, its usage was endless, so it was enough to become essential magic that every mage had to learn.

“But as you can see, no one understands it easily except you. Grandel Torf? He’s an excellent student but he seems a little complacent compared to you.”

Ethan spoke while looking at Roanna.

For some reason, Roanna felt like she could guess what kind of proposal Ethan was about to make.

Since entering the academy, Roanna had received various proposals.

Teachers who saw her talent all wanted to make her their disciple.

Offers to pass down their magic if she became their disciple.

But those didn’t really interest her.

What was important to her was magic.

That was why she had refused all those requests so far.

Teacher Duty had made the same offer, but she said she would think about becoming a representative student but not a disciple.

But what if Ethan made that kind of offer?

Ethan was certainly an amazing teacher, but Roanna intended to refuse.

“I’d like you to be my teaching assistant.”

However, Ethan’s words were different from what she expected.

No, it was a proposal she hadn’t even considered.

“Teaching assistant?”

“I’d like you to take the position of teaching assistant for my Potion Manufacturing class.”

Not a disciple but a teaching assistant?

Hadn’t he just seen her talent with his own two eyes?

“If not, I can’t help it.”

Ethan quickly assumed a disinterested expression.

He planned to lure her in bit by bit.

‘Roanna is like a cat.’

If you show interest too easily, she’ll run away.

He had to maintain a certain distance while drawing her in little by little. That was the only way to grow her into his excellent student for sure.

‘It’ll be bad later if she becomes spoiled.’

With Ethan’s request for her to become a teaching assistant, Roanna didn’t think about it long.

If she hesitated any more here, it seemed like Ethan would just pretend it never happened.

“I’ll do it!”

“Good, then I’ll take it that way.”

Ethan smiled slyly.

“Then, since you’ve agreed to be my assistant, I should give you fair compensation. I’ll forget about the demerits and the proxy attendance.”

At those words, Roanna immediately stroked her own chest.

“Then I’ll be going.”

As she left the room, Roanna let out a small sigh.

It felt like she had been completely swept away, but she didn’t feel bad.

Mason and Ron trained in the same space.

Using the special golems given by Ethan, they focused on training as if the battle to decide the department representative was happening right now.

“Huff… huff…”

Both immersed themselves in training until their clothes were drenched in sweat. If either of them lost with Yuna gone, it would be over.

“I absolutely can’t lose…”

Both looked gaunt but their eyes were alive.

Behind them, Ethan watched the two students.

After seeing the students take down the special golems, he was convinced.

‘Their level increased significantly in a short time.’

They had passed the final stage Ethan had set.

‘This should be enough.’

Ron could now perfectly deal with stabbing attacks, and Mason had also greatly improved his swordsmanship.

‘They can win with this.’

And so the day of the decisive battle.

The department representative’s decisive battle was held on a small scale.

Fundamentally, the main event wasn’t the department representative’s decisive battle, but the inter-department battle between the department representatives.

Even though it was small-scale, the Directors of the Knight Department and Magic Department were in attendance, as well as the teachers of each department, in case there was any backlash.

As the teachers took their seats, the main actors of this department representative decisive battle soon entered.

“Teacher Claudie Hyde.”


Claudie Hyde entered first, followed by Max Jurod and Slos Pallo.

“Both of their conditions look very good.”

The Principal smiled as he looked at the two Swordsmanship Department students.

“Teacher Ethan Whiskers.”


Ethan, Mason, and Ron entered.

Seeing the completely changed Mason and Ron in this short time, Claudie frowned slightly. Max and Slos were equally surprised.

Especially Max, he was surprised to feel an aura from Mason that he had never sensed before.

‘This is not the Mason I knew.’

It seemed like Mason had become a completely different person since the day he apologized.

Slos Pallo was also clicking his tongue as he looked at his opponent, Ron Bears.

Originally, Ron Bears was bear-like as his name suggested.

But now Ron Bears did not look bear-like at all.

Rather, with his tall height and agile impression, he gave off the feeling of a wild beast.

While this was a battle to select the department representative, it was basically a friendly match.

But what was with that intimidating aura and killing intent?

It was as if he intended to kill.

Claudie was also surprised to see the aura the two students were exuding. He didn’t know Mason could give off such an imposing aura.

And what about Ron, the worst in the Swordsmanship Department?

Objectively by rank, there was a big difference with Slos Pallo, but it seemed Slos was being overwhelmed by Ron’s aura instead.

“What kind of education did you give them?”

Claudie couldn’t help but ask.

“I only taught them the right path.”

“Who decides what’s right?”

Claudie gritted her teeth at Ethan’s words, then pointed at the two students.

“It’s certainly not decided by the teacher.”

Claudie’s brows furrowed.

It was certainly frustrating. But his mind was clearly set on helping Ivecar and its students.


Claudie quickly lost interest in Ethan.

The important thing was the match. In any case, it would be difficult for the other side to win this match.

No matter how much they improved their skills in a short period, there was still a big difference in original ability.

Especially for Ron and Slos, the gap was quite large. Same for Max and Mason.

“To improve their skills this much in such a short time.”

“I thought it would be a one-sided match, but it might turn into an interesting match unexpectedly.”

The Magic Department teachers were fully enjoying this match.

From their perspective, it looked like a good outcome was possible.

Because of the intimidating aura and killing intent emanating from the two students, Ron Bears and Mason Yeld.

To express it, it was like a freshly sharpened sword.

“I didn’t think he could make the students change this much just by scolding them. Amazing.”

The Magic Department teachers didn’t know Ethan well. They had only heard rumors, and had not sat in on his classes to see for themselves, so they had no way of knowing what kind of education he gave the students or how he motivated them.

Fundamentally, it was difficult to drastically change these Ivecar students just by threatening or enticing them.

“Is everyone ready?”



Four students answered simultaneously.

“From now on, we will begin the duel to select the representative of the Swordsmanship Department.”

With the Principal’s words, the competition to select the representative of the Swordsmanship Department began.

“First, Ron Bears and Slos Pallo will duel. If Ron Bears loses here, Claudie and three students will immediately become the representatives of the Swordsmanship Department with a record of two losses. The winners will be given the opportunity to represent the department in the upcoming interdepartmental exchange.”

Currently, Ethan’s side was carrying one loss.

So if Ron Bears at the forefront lost, it was over.

Watching teachers shook their heads anxiously.

Objectively, Ron Bears was the least skilled among them.

He had been consistently at the bottom of the Swordsmanship Department since the beginning of the semester.

“Even if he has improved his skills, I wonder how much he has really improved.”

“Slos might be quite skilled.”

As students could take classes from the Magic Department despite being in the Swordsmanship Department, the teachers who knew Slos thought that this duel might not even make it to Mason and Max’s turns.

“Carrying that one loss is too big of a burden.”

“Tsk, no matter how important it is to change the image of those two over Yuna Garnet first, it’ll all be meaningless if they lose, right?”

“Teacher Ethan has to win this.”

They talked quietly among themselves but Ethan could hear them clearly. But he didn’t care much.

Rather, he focused on the two students.

‘They’re burning.’

Standing in front of Slos, Ron was quite nervous. But he wasn’t overly nervous, just the right amount.

Ethan approached Ron.

“Ready for the match!”

As soon as the Principal’s words fell, he lowered his voice so only Ron could hear.

“You heard that just now, right? Right now you’re the weakest one here. People are still only seeing you as the worst in the Swordsmanship Department.”


“Show them. How strong you are now.”

“I won’t disappoint you.”

Like the right-hand man of an underworld boss, Ron slowly stepped forward.

Seeing that, Ethan snorted with laughter.

‘He feels like he’s the boss now.’

Slos Pallo stood facing Ron.

Ron was very big and still looked even bigger even though he had lost weight.

But Slos was 3rd in the Swordsmanship Department. Mind control wasn’t that difficult.

“Don’t expect me to hold back. Since the representative position is on the line, I can’t go easy on you.”

“Yeah, do that.”

Ron said.

“That’s how I practiced.”


The Principal raised his hand and shouted loudly.

“Begin match!”

As soon as the words left his mouth, Slos instantly drew his sword.

At the same time, Slos’s signature stabbing attack powered with all his might surged forward.


Anyway, he didn’t plan to drag this out. Since the Magic Department side was watching too, his goal was to secure victory while suppressing power leakage as much as possible.

‘I’ll go just as the teacher said!’

Slos stabbed forcefully with his sword, thinking he had won. The timing was very good.

He could feel the amplification of power through his legs, waist, and shoulders. It was a perfectly executed stab.

Since it was a wooden sword, he planned to stab all the way through without stopping.


But with a short breath, Ron swung his sword.

He strongly struck the side of Slos’ stabbing wooden sword, disturbing its momentum, and slammed it into the ground.


In an instant, Slos’s posture collapsed and his sword was pushed back. The flustered Slos raised his sword again but it was too late.

Faster than that, Ron’s sword struck down on Slos’ shoulder.


Along with the sound of bone cracking, Slos screamed.


As the excited Ron tried to swing his sword again, the Principal, who had appeared at some point, lightly pushed Ron down.

“It’s over, student Ron Bears.”

The Principal spoke as if he had done well.

“Winner, Ron Bears!”

At those words, Ron roared like a bear.

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