Reborn into Young Master Huo’s Little Fairy-Chapter 273: Adding More Monthvotes

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Chapter 273: Adding More Monthvotes

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After Qin Fang entered the bedroom, he kicked the door shut.

Qiao Ran’s mind was in a mess.

She told herself that she couldn’t let him continue to cause trouble like this!

But before she could say anything, she was thrown onto the bed.

Although it wasn’t painful, he still felt dizzy.

She struggled to get up, but her knees were pressed down by his slender legs.

In front of him, who was tall, had long legs, and was full of muscles, she was so petite that she had no room to resist.

He placed one hand on her side and his tall body covered her, blocking the light in front of her.

Qiao Ran’s heart was beating very fast.

Compared to that night at the KTV, the light in her room was brighter now, and his facial features and contours were more directly and clearly reflected in her eyes.

His facial features were cold and hard, and his features were masculine. When he looked down, he looked a little arrogant and unruly.

Compared to Huo Hannian, Luo Chen and the others were handsome and noble, while he was a tough and rough man.

Qiao Ran didn’t dare to look at him for a long time. Her palms were already wet. It was wet sweat.

His gaze landed on her face as if he wanted to see two holes in her.

Qiao Ran is not at ease, fine white, small face buried in the pillow, buried in the pillow, embarrassed voice muffled Fang, you don’t go away, I call people, I’m…”

Before she could finish her sentence, her face was suddenly pinched by two slender fingers of his, forcing her to turn around and face him.

“Go ahead. I’m not afraid.”

He had always been shameless and shameless. He was the school’s boss and had thick skin. He did not care about his skin the most.

Qiao Ran did not expect that her slap would cause him to suddenly pester her.

What went wrong?

Didn’t he dislike her and reconcile with Han Ruoruo?

Qiao Ran was about to clarify when he suddenly whispered into her ear,” That night, I was not in my right mind. I don’t remember what it felt like to kiss you.

Do it again?””

Qiao Ran widened her eyes slightly and placed her hands on his shoulders. Just as she was about to push him away, his masculine and handsome face pressed down on her.

He kissed her ear, cheeks, and all the way to her lips.

Qiao Ran was almost drowned in his aura, but when she thought of her situation with him, she had to wake up a little.

He still had Han Ruoruo by his side. How could he treat her like this?

He had already gotten his way that night at the KTV. Was he going to repeat the same mistake now?

Who was she?

Qin Fang’s expression darkened a little, perhaps because he noticed that she was distracted. His rough fingers pinched her small face and approached her again.

However, before he could touch her lips, she opened her mouth and bit down hard on the web between her thumb and forefinger.

He hissed and sucked in a cold breath.

She had bitten the skin between her thumb and forefinger.

Qin Fang probably didn’t expect her to have such a strong side to her. “You don’t like me kissing you?’”‘

Qiao Ran pushed his shoulder hard and moved to the corner of the bed to sit down.

Like a little beast that had been violated, she stared at him warily.” Qin Fang, you already have Han Ruoruo. Now that you’re doing this to me, have you ever thought about how Han Ruoruo and I feel?”

She had been secretly in love with him for many years, but she would not stoop so low as to be a child. Three.

Qin Fang raised his eyebrows. He seemed to understand why she was rejecting him. He moved his tall body closer to her.” So it’s about this. I broke up with her.

Qiao Ran looked at Qin Fang without saying anything.

In her world, the two of us must cherish each other after being together.

However, it seemed that to Qin Fang, splitting and making up was a very common thing.

There was no reluctance or sadness in his eyes.

Seeing that Qiao Ran was silent, her thick eyelashes drooping and looking thoughtful, Qin Fang bent his index finger and scratched her nose.” I didn’t plan to reconcile with her at first, but she pretended to be you and made me think that it was her that night.”

Qiao Ran widened her eyes in disbelief.

Han Ruoruo knew about what happened that night and even pretended to be her?

Qin Fang looked at the change in Qiao Ran’s expression and couldn’t help but laugh.

Why didn’t he realize that she was so lively and interesting in the past?

He really thought that she was a bookworm!

Qin Fang looked at her watery and extremely bright eyes. He caressed her face with his well-defined long fingers and rubbed the corners of her eyes gently with his rough fingers.” You look so good without glasses.”” He was never stingy with saying nice things to girls.

Qiao Ran had seen how he treated his girlfriends in the past.

When he was good, he was really good. When he was not, he was really heartless.

Qiao Ran’s heart was in a mess. She knew her limits and didn’t think that she was special in his heart.

But when he flirted with her, she couldn’t control her heart.

She knew that he was dangerous, that he was a bottomless abyss, but she still

couldn’t help but want to fall into it.

“Then come over…What do you mean?” Should he be responsible for her? Was he going to take responsibility for whoever it was that night?

It didn’t matter whether he liked it or not?

Qin Fang lay down on the bed and hugged the back of his head with both hands. He looked at Qiao Ran with a half- smile.” What do you think?”

“I don’t know.” Qiao Ran saw him lying on her bed shamelessly and angrily kicked him twice.” Don’t be like this. How am I going to explain when Grandma comes back and sees me?”

“She went to square dance? How could she be so fast?”

Qin Fang caught her foot and placed it in his palm.

Her feet were as delicate as her person. They were small and fair. His fingers were thick and long. When he held them in his palm, there was a strong contrast and visual impact.

Qiao Ran wanted to pull back, but he scratched her feet.

Qiao Ran was ticklish, so she couldn’t help but laugh when he scratched her. “Qin Fang, don’t scratch me…Ha… Really, don’t scratch it. It’s dying…’

He only let her go when she was almost out of breath from laughing. He stretched out his long arm, grabbed her thin wrist, and pulled her to his chest.

Qiao Ran subconsciously wanted to get up.

He held her slender waist.” That night, did you lie on top of me like this and confess?”

His memory was blurry. It seemed like a girl had confessed to him, but he couldn’t remember what she said.

But the general meaning was that she had liked him for many years. Qiao Ran’s face was already red from laughing, and when he said that, her face turned even redder.

She turned her head away and did not look at him. She bit her lip and said,” I did confess to you, but I didn’t think about what to do. Qin Fang, you don’t have to take responsibility.””

As soon as Qiao Ran finished speaking, the hand around her waist tightened.

“Don’t pinch me. It hurts.”

Qin Fang spat out two words from his thin lips.”

Qiao Ran looked at him in disbelief.

How did she become a scumbag?

She didn’t even bother with him, so why was he blaming her?

“How am I scum? If you want to be scum, you’re scum!” She would never admit that she was scum.

Qin Fang said,” Sleep with me and leave. If you don’t take responsibility now, who else can you be?!’”‘

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