I Just Won't Play By The Book-Chapter 683: National Hand

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Chapter 683: National Hand

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“Da…Da… Da…”

In the small house, the sound of chess pieces falling on the chessboard was crisp and pleasant.

However, behind the pleasant voice was a fierce battle that even Jiang Beiran was moved by!

In this round, the crane robed ghost was the black player, while MO Xia was the white player. He placed his stone in the [Mad] position, which not only saved a large area of his base, but also threatened several black stones.

It could be said to be a rather brilliant move.

However, just when Jiang Beiran thought that the crane robed ghost would stop and think for a moment, he suddenly pointed his finger at the [Sunset] position on the chessboard.

“It actually landed here?!”

Jiang Beiran’s eyes flashed with surprise.

He had thought that the ghost would place his stone in the [Gold] position. This way, he would be able to maintain the connection between the black stones and the stone in the [Sunflower] position. At the same time, he would be able to block the stone that MO Xia had placed in the [Mad] position.

After all, even though this piece seemed to be fine now, if he kept it, it would definitely become an unstable factor in the future.

However, the black-robed ghost did not choose to do so. Instead, he placed Blackie in the [Laughter] position.

What a wonderful idea!

Not only did it disrupt MO Xia’s attack, but it also became a tempting…


MO Xia obviously did not expect the crane robed ghost to place his stone in this position. For a moment, his claws froze.

After thinking for a long time, he placed the stone on the [and] position next to the [Sunflower] position.

F * ck!

This move showed that MO Xia had the intention to take this black piece. However, the crane robed ghost’s two hands followed the momentum and when the third move came, the black piece’s shape was clearly better than the [Gold] position that Jiang Beiran had thought of.

If the [Gold] position that Jiang Beiran had thought of was 90 points, then the [Smile] position that he was currently at was 99 points.

The reason why he didn’t give 100 was because he believed that there was always someone better than him. There were still people.

” Although I could tell from the start that he was strong, I didn’t expect him to be this strong.’

At this moment, MO Xia finally understood the meaning of this move. He had to make another move in the [Palm] position, or else the black stone would be able to remove the white stone in the [Qian] position.

In this way, the entire piece of white stone below could forget about living.

‘Oh no…l’ve been tricked.

In fact, in the first three moves, she only needed to take a step back to let Blackie’s vision change. However, because taking a step back would let Blackie, who had just landed in the [Smile] position, take advantage of her for nothing, she was definitely extremely unwilling.

But now, he had suffered an even greater loss.

[I can’t give in anymore!]

MO Xia knew that he had already suffered a loss and decided to retaliate!

He first placed the white stone on the [Forget] position and stabbed it first.

Then, his second hand landed on the [Celestial] position and counterattacked!

Since you dare to take advantage of me, I must retaliate!

This was Go.


Jiang Beiran couldn’t help but cheer for MO Xia when he saw MO Xia’s fierce counterattack.

This could be said to be the best way to deal with such a situation.

However, the crane robed ghost seemed to have expected this and pointed his finger at the [Coincidence] position.

This move once again made MO Xia and Jiang Beiran fall into deep thought.

The only difference was that MO Xia could not figure out why the black-robed ghost would leave the stone here.

However, Jiang Beiran quickly understood.

‘His chess skills…lt’s higher than I imagined.

Jiang Beiran was very sure that when the crane robed ghost placed his stone on the [Smile] position, he had already expected MO Xia to make such a counterattack. As a result, his move on the [Clever] position seemed to be full of flaws, but there was actually a deeper meaning behind it.

MO Xia’s next move would definitely break through Blackie’s encirclement, but once he did that, he would fall into the crane robed ghost’s trap.

The crane robed ghost first placed a piece on the [Play] position, then placed a piece on the [Hundred] position to block.

With just two moves, Jiang Beiran was dazzled by his moves.

This wasn’t a game of chess, but a magic trick.

At this point, MO Xia realized that her attack was already so weak, but she still struggled to land her next hand on the [Academy] position.

Continue to charge!

This was the only way out. Only in this way could MO Xia have a chance of survival.

“I lost.”

Seeing MO Xia’s move, Jiang Beiran was certain that there was not much suspense in this match.

MO Xia’s performance in this round was already very outstanding, but he was still suppressed by the crane robed ghost. The difference in their chess skills was visible to the naked eye.

“This ghost was probably a national player when he was alive…”

Jiang Beiran’s prediction was right. After the time it took for half an incense stick to burn, MO Xia let out a long sigh and lowered her head.”l admit defeat.” “Little brat, raise your head. You’ve already played very well. “The old man looked at MO Xia and encouraged him.

Jiang Beiran, who had intended to comfort MO Xia, could not help but glance at him.

From MO Xia’s words, this crane robed ghost was obviously the helper that the old man had brought. Now, he was acting like a good person.

It was obvious that this wasn’t the first time MO Xia had lost to this crane robed ghost. After taking two deep breaths, he raised his head again.

The crane robed ghost remained calm and composed. After he was done, he made a gesture of invitation.

It was obvious that he wanted to start a new round.

After putting away the chess piece, MO Xia cupped his hands at Senior Ghost and said,’”‘Senior, my senior brother is looking for me. Please wait for me for a while. ”

The ghost in the crane robe did not respond. He just looked at the chessboard silently.

It was as if nothing else could affect him other than playing chess.

“Thank you, Senior.”

MO Xia cupped his hands at Senior Ghost once again and stood up to bow to his senior brother.’”‘Senior Brother, I’m done.’

Jiang Beiran glanced at the ghost in the crane robe and asked MO Xia,””Show me the cultivation technique he gave you. ”

“Yes, sir!” MO Xia agreed and made an inviting gesture.””Senior Brother, let’s go outside. We can’t use it in the house.”

“Alright.” Jiang Beiran nodded and left the house.

MO Xia followed Jiang Beiran out of the house and found an empty space to stop.

“Senior Brother, may I begin?”Mo Xia asked Jiang Beiran.

“Yes, let’s begin to suppress the power of the law” Jiang Beiran nodded.

He cupped his hands at Jiang Beiran, and a burst of Cobalt Blue Celestial Chi erupted from his body and instantly gathered on MO Xia’s hand.

Then, MO Xia gently pushed the Celestial Chi in his palm forward, and the Celestial Chi turned into an open scroll in front of him.

“Senior Brother, this is the move that Senior Ghost gave me. This scroll can absorb the mystic qi moves that come at me and seal the moves in the scroll for use at any time.”

“He’s both offensive and defensive.”

Jiang Beiran asked after seeing such a miraculous move. “What about the upper limit?” “I haven’t fought anyone before…That’s why I’m not very sure.”

“Alright, I understand..”

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