He Clings to Me Every Night-Chapter 275: : The Little Chili Pepper is Still Powerful

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Chapter 275: 275: The Little Chili Pepper is Still Powerful

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After a pause, Daniel Marshall added, “Don’t let my wife know.”

Listen to that, the way he naturally calls her ‘my wife’! How intimate it sounds!

They’ve put on wedding rings, are they preparing to announce it officially?!

Adam Howard grinned, cheekily looking at Daniel, “Got it, you can count on me. Daniel, you and your sister-in-law are doing well, isn’t it? Your shirt, your sister-in-law bought it, didn’t she? Navy blue, really suits you, it’s easier on the eyes than black shirts.”

A small smile tugged at the corners of Daniel Marshall’s lips, while his hawk-like eyes shot Adam Howard a cold glance, “Are you very free?”

Adam Howard shook his head, his smile disappearing immediately, “I’m busy, getting ready to go out. But, I need to tell you something, you look particularly handsome today. I really like how you look today. I feel a hint of human touch on you, it’s clear you’re not an inaccessible deity, but a lively person. You’ve come to life…”

Before he finished, Adam Howard had already stood up and walked towards the door, getting farther and farther from Daniel.

As soon as the words fell, Adam Howard disappeared like a wisp of smoke.

Daniel Marshall gazed at the door with his hawk-like eyes, a smile slowly spreading on his lips. He was in good spirits.

Unconsciously, the image of Olivia Jenkins leaning against the wall watching him change his clothes drifted into Daniel’s mind.

She thinks he’s handsome too, right?

His wife likes this version of him, doesn’t she?

He actually likes her style, the clothes that his wife bought for him feel really comfortable.

His smile deepened at the corners of his mouth, and a warm, sweet sensation washed over Daniel. He immediately took out his private cell phone and set the picture of him and Olivia Jenkins as his screensaver.

Returning to his seat, Adam Howard immediately called Martin Wallace, laughing as he said, “Martin, I’ve just indulged in some lovey-dovey sweetness, it’s so sweet that I might get cavities.”

Martin Wallace was typing as he spoke on the phone, took some time to process, “What do you mean? Who’s feeding you this ‘lovey-dovey sweetness’?”

“Of course it’s Daniel Marshall, only his ‘lovey-dovey sweetness’ could excite me this much. At this moment, I’m so happy, it’s like I’m the one in love, my mind has gone all giddy.”

After a brief pause of surprise, Martin Wallace stopped typing, and began talking seriously on the phone, “What happened to Daniel Marshall? Have they stopped their cold war? They signed the contract yesterday. Everything that needed to be done is done. The 2 billion should have been transferred over.”

“Daniel Marshall is wearing a wedding ring! He also wore a navy blue shirt and a new tie. In the many years you’ve known him, have you ever seen him like this? This morning, not only did I find him handsome, but for the first time, I noticed a warmth in his face. It’s not tense like ice, there’s a human touch in it and a faint smile.”

Adam Howard became more excited as he spoke, reacting as if he’d discovered a new world. Martin Wallace laughed along.

“Hearing you say that, it is indeed exciting. I’ve truly never seen Daniel Marshall like this, it gave me a shock! Next time, we must make him treat us to a meal.”

“Who would have thought, little chilli pepper is that powerful, she’s got Daniel Marshall tightly wrapped around her finger!”

“Last time, the bouquet of roses we bought and sent to sister-in-law, Daniel Marshall reimbursed us 10,000 dollars, so we profited. He also paid for the necklace. We’ll evenly split the money at lunch.”

Adam Howard’s eyes turned into slits from laughing, his happy emotions visible everywhere, “Okay, okay, let’s chat more at lunch.”

In the afternoon, Olivia Jenkins was called back to the Beverly Hills by Mr. Alexander Marshall.

In the living room, in front of the servants and bodyguards, Mr.. Alexander

Marshall relentlessly questioned Olivia Jenkins without regard to her feelings, “Didn’t you already know the agreement your father signed with the Marshall

Family? How do you explain accepting the 2 billion from Daniel Marshall?”

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