Godly Empress Doctor-Chapter 4236: Final Round (3)

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Chapter 4236: Final Round (3)

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Both of them were Level-8 Spiritual Sovereigns. The only difference was that one was a junior and the other a peak one.

Therefore, Feng Wu’s attack was still lethal to Yan Yu.


A corner of his defense was finally breached.

Ordinary people might not understand it, but the referees were all capable cultivators of the continent.

Both the abbot and Lord Yan stiffened.

Feng Wu had sharp eyes. Sensing the crack in Yan Yu’s defense, she exerted even more power.

Soon, cuts appeared on Yan Yu’s face.

“Yan Yu!!!”

Lord Yan rose to his feet and bellowed at the crown prince.

They didn’t pay that high price to make him lose.

Yan Yu finally came back to himself. He walked out of the smoke and slowly walked toward Feng Wu.

Right now, he was charred black and had a ferocious look on his face.

He suddenly took a bottle of potion out of his chest pocket, downed it in one go, and tossed it away!

The bottle shattered into pieces, which glinted in the sunlight.

His spiritual essence had been drained before, but now, it was almost overflowing!


Yan Yu, a peak Level-8 Spiritual Sovereign, bellowed in a majestic voice.

“Damn it!”

The look on Luo Nantian’s face was even colder.

He could sense that Yan Yu’s strength had grown rapidly. It was very likely that he was going to make a breakthrough to Level 9.

As expected, the next second, Yan Yu reached Level 9 of the Spiritual Sovereign stage.

Everyone said, “Seriously?!”

“What kind of a genius is he? He made a breakthrough at such a critical moment!”

“Prince Yan Yu is indeed the most capable man of his generation! He made a breakthrough at the critical moment!”

“How is Feng Wu supposed to fight now? She’s already so far behind him, and

the gap is even bigger now.”

“If I were Feng Wu, I would kneel down and beg Prince Yan Yu to spare my life!”

Countless voices came from the audience.

Of course, Feng Wu could see that, but she remained unperturbed and didn’t seem shaken.

The Princess Royal looked confused. How was that possible?

How could Feng Wu be so calm? Shouldn’t she be panic-stricken and at a loss over what to do? Why was she still smiling?

Yes, Feng Wu was smiling like a blossoming peony!

Not only the Princess Royal but the referees and the audience were also intrigued.

Soon, they knew why.

Feng Wu also poured a bottle of potion into her mouth.

The next second, Feng Wu made a breakthrough as well.

A Level-9 Spiritual Emperor!

She was capable enough to be one of the top cultivators on this continent!


Wait! What happened?!

The two breakthroughs were unbelievable.

What kind of potion could make a person make a breakthrough so easily? If that was the case, why were they still working so hard?

“A battle between two Level-9 Spiritual Sovereigns! Oh god!”

“This is unprecedented!”

“I remember that the top two were Level-7 Spiritual Sovereigns in the last

Dragon Gate Banquet!”

“That’s right!”

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