A Record of a Mortal's Journey to Immortality: Immortal Realm-Chapter 672: Heaven Piercing Finger

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Chapter 672: Heaven Piercing Finger

While flying through the air, Han Li summoned a series of storage tools before injecting his spiritual sense into them one after another.

These storage tools were the ones that he had just obtained from the True Mantra Sect disciples. He hadn't taken the storage tools because the treasures inside appealed to him. Instead, he wanted to find out more information about the True Mantra Sect for risk mitigation purposes, as well as to aid him in his search for more treasures.

It hadn't been very long since he entered these ruins, but he had obtained both the Water Divination Time Arts and the Mantra Axis Scripture. On top of that, he had also acquired that golden flag, the blue shield, thirteen additional time law threads, and dozens of storage tools, amounting to an incredible haul.

He was very much looking forward to seeing what else he could find in these ruins, and he didn't really care about his Reincarnation Palace anymore. Even in the worst case scenario, he would just have to fail the mission and submit the fifty thousand Immortal Origin Stones instead.

It didn't take long before Han Li had checked through all of the storage tools, but to his dismay, none of them contained any useful information pertaining to the True Mantra Sect.

Han Li stowed the storage tools away, then began examining the storage tools of the Heavenly Court cultivators as well.

e, and a jade slip emerged in his grasp amid a flash of white light.

It was a map of the True Mantra Sect that he had found from the storage tool belonging to the Heavenly Court Golden Immortal.

He didn't really have much high hopes for the storage tools of the Heavenly Court cultivators, so this was certainly a pleasant surprise.

That Golden Immortal had most likely obtained this map through whatever means in the hope that he would be able to scour the True Mantra Sect for treasures during the Heavenly Court invasion, and now, the map was going to benefit Han Li countless years later.

Han Li drew to a halt, then descended onto a mountain and injected his spiritual sense into the jade slip.

Perhaps the map had been made in a hurry, but it was quite crude, only marking out the main landmarks and areas of the True Mantra Sect.

According to the map, the True Mantra Sect had been far more massive than the Blaze Dragon Dao, and it was split up into five areas, namely Water Divination, True Mantra, Flowing Fire, Earth Dawn, and Wood Emperor. Every single one of those areas was several times the size of the Blaze Dragon Dao, and the True Mantra area was situated at the center, while the other four areas were located in the north, south, east, and west.

The Water Divination Palace was most likely in the Water Divination area, while I currently appear to be in the True Mantra area.

After stowing the jade slip away, Han Li rose up into the air to inspect his surroundings.

There was some white mist in the air here, but it was far thinner than in the Water Divination area, so Han Li was able to enjoy much better visibility with his Infernal Devilish Eyes.

Down below as a rather unremarkable mountain range with no standout features, and the map was too crude, so it was impossible for Han Li to determine exactly where he currently was in the True Mantra area.

However, he remained unfazed as he continued onward.

It was already a great development that he had a rough map of the True Mantra Sect ruins. At the very least, he wouldn't be stumbling around completely blind anymore. Furthermore, some of the important locations in the five areas had been labeled on the map, so as long as he could ascertain his approximate location, he should be able to follow the map to the important landmarks in the sect.

Around a week flew by in a flash.

On this day, a streak of azure light shot forth from afar before descending onto a mountain.

The azure light faded to reveal Han Li, and on the way here, he had made some more useful discoveries.

Judging from what he had seen in the past few days, Han Li had become even more convinced that he was in a fragmented section of the True Mantra area. Unfortunately, he still hadn't been able to ascertain exactly where he was on the map.

At this moment, Han Li was looking a little wary, and he took a pill before resting for a moment, then quickly continued onward.

After flying for a while longer, his expression suddenly changed slightly as he darted to the side.

There was a spatial rift that was over a hundred feet in length hanging in the air up ahead, and he carefully skirted around the rift before continuing.

He had almost lost his life after unwittingly falling into that spatial rift, so he was making sure to proceed with extra caution.

It didn't take long before another spatial rift appeared up ahead, and there were also bursts of spatial fluctuations surging through the air.

A thought occurred to Han Li as he raised an eyebrow, and he carefully flew forward before descending in front of a cliff.

This was the end of the landmass that he was situated on.

Ahead of the cliff was a vast expanse of nothingness that was filled with countless spatial rifts of different sizes, resembling sets of all-devouring mouths.

Further away in the distance was a giant translucent light barrier that connected heaven and earth, and it was the spatial barrier that he had encountered earlier.

Outside the barrier were countless chaotic spatial currents, but Han Li paid no heed to the spatial turbulence and spatial rifts as he cast his gaze even further into the distance.

There, he could see another spatial barrier, beyond which was what appeared to be a corner of another landmass.

Even through the spatial turbulence and spatial barriers, he could still detect hints of spatial fluctuations emanating from that landmass.

A hesitant look appeared on his face as he peered into the raging spatial turbulence, but he quickly made a decision as he summoned a pair of treasures, one golden and one blue.

These were the two time-attribute immortal treasures that he had obtained earlier, and at this point, he had been able to mostly refine them.

He began to chant an incantation, and waves of rippling blue light emerged from the blue shield to encompass his entire body, while the golden flag also swelled to several times its original size.

Countless specks of golden light surged out of the flag, then rapidly revolved around his body, forming a glittering river of golden light that presented a spectacular sight to behold.

Han Li took a glance at the pair of immortal treasures around him, then gave a pleased nod as he flew straight into the space up ahead.

The space here was extremely unstable, and the area was rife with spatial rifts.

The spatial rifts weren't moving like the ones in the spatial storm from earlier, but that certainly didn't mean that they were stable.

Han Li activated his Infernal Devilish Eyes to their limits as he carefully traversed through the space between the spatial rifts, and he was able to make decently fast progress.

Before long, he arrived at the spatial barrier, then swept a sleeve through the air to release a streak of azure swordlight that struck the barrier in a flash, and the streak of azure swordlight instantly shattered before being repelled back as an azure flying sword.

As for the spatial barrier, it only shuddered slightly before reverting back to normal.

Han Li was rather surprised to see this, and he stowed his flying sword away before extending a finger forward.

Bright golden light appeared over his body as thirty-six time law threads emerged before converging toward his finger in unison, and an indistinct golden finger projection shot forth toward the spatial barrier.

Not only was the finger projection formed by thirty-six time law threads, it was also imbued with bursts of time law powers. It was the best attempt that Han Li could currently muster up at replicating the finger projection that he had seen, but it was still very far from the real thing.

The finger projection unleashed by Han Li was very indistinct, and it possessed nowhere near the power of the finger projection from the palace, but it was still far more formidable than the sword strike that he had just unleashed.

A faint thud rang out as his finger tore through the spatial barrier like a sheet of paper, and an elated look appeared on his face as he lowered his arm while murmuring to himself. "Not bad. I think I'll call this the Heaven Piercing Finger."

After that, he flew out into the spatial turbulence from the large hole in the spatial barrier.

As soon as he did this, he was immediately buffeted by a gust of ferocious gray wind from the side, but he was already prepared for this and summoned a pair of protective immortal treasures to help him weather the storm.

At the same time, the river of golden light swirling around his body swelled drastically in size and instantly overcame the gust of gray wind.

As it turned out, the golden flag was a very rare immortal treasure that possessed both defensive and offensive capabilities.

After vanquishing the gust of gray wind, Han Li continued onward without pause, quickly flying toward the other landmass in the distance.

Gusts of fierce wind were howling in all directions alongside glacial currents and even waves of fire, as well as countless spatial vortexes and spatial rifts.

This spatial storm was significantly more formidable than the last one he had encountered, and he was feeling rather perplexed to see this.

Ever since he entered the True Mantra Sect ruins, he had encountered three spatial storms, with each successive one more powerful than the other.

Han Li channeled the river of golden light around him to ward off the oncoming waves of spatial turbulence as he forged ahead as quickly as he could

The spatial turbulence by itself wasn't a cause for concern, but the spatial rifts carried by the spatial turbulence were extremely powerful and contained immense spatial power. Even the river of golden light around Han Li struggled to contend with them, so Han Li was forced to repel them through other means, and as a result, his progress was very slow.

Thankfully, the two landmasses weren't very far apart, and it didn't take long before most of the distance was covered.

Right at this moment, what sounded like a furious draconic roar rang out, and Han Li turned to the source of the sound, upon which his expression instantly changed drastically.

As it turned out, an enormous white storm was hurtling toward him, tearing through the surrounding spatial turbulence with ease, and it was yet another spatial storm.

This spatial storm was even more formidable than the one that Han Li had encountered after being sucked into that spatial rift, and it was filled with blades of white light that were imbued with violent spatial power capable of shredding through everything in their path.

The spatial storm was extremely fast, and it reached Han Li in the blink of an eye before swallowing him up.

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